Vision : The Pioneer tile company,focussed to Launch Its IPO By 2015 With the authorised
capital Of Rs 100 crore.

Mission : PROCESS, PRODUCT, PLACE, PEOPLE, PROFIT . We focus on process (making/creating)through constant emphasis on quality and engineering,which we will combine with careful attention to our customer's needs so as always to deliver superior value of product. We honor the places where we display /use our products by endeavoring to become the first name in industry ecology, a company that cherishes nature and restore the environment, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction. CELES'TILE will lead by example and validate by results, including profits, leaving the world a better place than when we began, and we will be restorative through the power of our influence in the world.

MD's Desk
Over the years, we at CELES'TILE  are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, and a team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset and hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength.

The Company is proud of what has been done so far and is looking forward to new challenges and scaling new heights in future.
Our capabilities can flourish only when 5P'S are bridged together.

To My People :
We need to use our capabilities and deliver what we promise, take pride in the fact that there is a huge potential in this sector. Finally, always put the customer first and work with integrity and responsibility towards everyone and your country at large.

Our Team :
Celes'tile is a professional organization, strongly value Relationships and believe in building and maintaining long-lasting relationship with our Associates and Customers by providing Cent percent Commitment, ensuring Common focus with extraordinary Drive.